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it's about a week or so into 2010. i hope you guys are doing well with a good start to this new year.

i think i'll resolve to be kinder this year. i feel somewhat jaded from my experiences with this site for the past few years, and by sitting on this account in recent years, i only ended up neglecting the people i know here and alienating others for no reason.

a sheltered kid like me doesn't know what he's doing until it's too late. i wish i had learned to think more objectively back when i hung out at ackanime almost every day, or sent stupid devwatch comments.

but let's think forward. i've lost touch with drawing over the past several months, and thinking about it now makes me want to practice again. i have to get the juices flowing again. i think i owe that to myself if i want to get anything done for my section on

i hope this year is productive for you too.
BiggsMcBurlahane Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
I must say, seeing your sketchbook pretty much shamed me into practicing.
Kakashisama Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010
A happy new year to you too, buddy!

Yeah. Let's hope for a productive year. :)
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